EIFAC 2014

Edinburgh International FilmAudience Conference (EIFAC) returns in 2014 with a new conference team but still upholding its predecessors’ focus on exciting audience research taking place within academic film studies and within the film industry. The two-day conference will shine the spotlight on film cultures and film audiences by showcasing an expanding pool of scholarship, which moves away from classical textual modes of research to include empirical fieldwork.

The event will debate how different methodologies and perspectives can help further our understanding of the most important people in the world of film – the audience. There is a lot to be learned from other subject areas, therefore, this year sees the conference reach out to non-film disciplines by encouraging scholars in television and game studies to share their empirical research.

The conference has been praised for creating an arena where new and experienced researchers in academia can come together to share their enthusiasm for audience research in a friendly and supportive environment. Whilst the conference may well appeal primarily to academics, it invites contribution from those working in the film industries (production, distribution, exhibition, policy-making). Collaborative projects have been created between academics and industry insiders at past EIFAC conferences and it is the aim of the new organising team to further enhance the dialogue between academia and industry. The conference will be a platform where researchers can better understand the challenges faced by practitioners in ‘knowing and engaging their audience,’ where practitioners are shown the value of empirical scholarship as a cost-effective resource available to them, and where collaborative partnerships can come to life.


The EIFAC 2014 call for papers has finished and submissions have closed. Further information on the programme will be added before the end of January once all presenters have been informed.