Papers 2009

Accepted papers and their authors are listed below. You can also download the abstracts as a PDF.

  • Ms. Louise Anderson (PhD)
    'I should remember them because I sort of picture them but I…' The Challenges of Working with Older Cinema Audiences and Distant Memories
  • Prof. Jane Arthurs
    Brands, Markets and Charitable Ethics: MTV’s Parallel Lives
  • Dr. Karen Boyle
    Watching with baby: Cinema, Intimacy and (Maternal) Identity
  • Dr. Trevor Griffiths
    Popular Cinema-going and Film Preferences in Scotland, 1896-1939
  • Mr. Peter Krämer
    "Dear Mr Kubrick": audience Responses to 2001: A Space Odyssey in the Late 1960s
  • Ms. Kerstin Leder (PhD)
    'I just don’t think I could sit through [Jurassic Park or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre]': Films as cultural and Emotional Measure
  • Miss Hsing Hung Lin (PhD)
    Participants, Community and Activism: Women Make Movies Film Festival
  • Mr. Glen McIver (PhD)
    Remembering Liverpool’s Rialto
  • Mr. Karl Magee, Ms. Kathryn Mackenzie, Mr. John Izod &
    Ms. Isabelle Gourdin

    In search of an Audience: Lindsay Anderson’s Britannia Hospital
  • Dr. Elisabeth Prommer & Dr. Lothar Mikos
    The “Taste of Age’: Movie Attendance and the Generation 50+
  • Prof. Miruna Runcan
    "Fate is never final"? Why Movies re-enact the RPG Experiences
  • Ms. Karen Smith (PhD)
    Cinephilia and Film Festivals - The Ballerina Ballroom - Cinema of Dreams
  • Prof. Deb Verhoeven
    'The live entertainment far exceeded the shadows on the sheet': On being a European Cinema Audience in a Rural Australian Town