Speakers and Papers

Opening Speaker: David Bruce, Chair of Glasgow Film Theatre


  • Gail Ashurst
    “Made in Summerisle, conceivably: Made in Britain, most definitely!” National Identity and Responses to the US remake of The Wicker Man.
  • Adan Avalos
    The Naco in Mexican Film: Border cinema and Migrant Audiences
  • Tomas Axelsson
    Movies, Mind and Meaning — Studying Audiences and Favourite Films
  • Martin Barker
    Researching Audiences Across Countries and Cultures
  • Vincent Bouchard
    The Role of the bonimenteur in the Film Reception in Zair
  • Brigid Cherry:
    Gothics and Grand Guignols: the Female Audience and the Gendered Aestetics of Cinematic Horror
  • Oluyinka Esan
    Audience Pleasure and Nollywood Success
  • Charlotte Hains Lyon
    Kill Bill 2: A "Worthy" Film for Meaning-making
  • Amy Hardie
    Analysis of Cross-European Focus Groups on Cinema Documentary Audiences
  • Emily Munro
    Managing ‘The Audience’ (work in progress)
  • Melanie Selfe & Martin Barker
    Researching 'Risky' Audiences
  • Lisa Shaw
    Stardom and Memory in Brazil: Remembering the Stars of 1950s’ Brazilian Musicals
  • Maria Antonia Vélez-Serna
    The Construction of Popular Taste According to Colombian Film Makers of the 1940s